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[Rollei] Mamiya USA

I have heard others criticize Mamiya USA for being less than helpful and
high priced.  I thought I ought to share with you my experience.

I have a 4X5 Omega 45D view camera which is a Toyo product carried by Mamiya
USA.  The coupler between the monorail and the tripod is plastic  and
reported by users to be fragile.

The similar Toyo view camera has a metal coupler which ought to be more
durable.  Accordingly, I sent an email to Mamiya, last Sunday, inquiring
about ordering the part.

Three workdays have elapsed and I have received no response to an easy
question.  While non urgent, this is still less than satisfactory.  Alas,
delay is the deadliest form of denial.

Roland Smith
Oakland, California