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RE: [Rollei] New AF lenses for 6008 AF, the FX available in Europe

I'm sorry, but you must have confused this for a Rolleiflex list; it's a
mistake not a few of us have made. It turns out this is the 6-element
Tessar Debating and Belly Button Lint Collecting Society List. :-)

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Subject: [Rollei] New AF lenses for 6008 AF, the FX available in Europe

I don?t know whether this topic was considered in the
past, but is interesting mention that three new AF
lenses for the 6008 AF camera are available in
Germany:  AF-Xenotar 80/2.8 HFT PQS NEU  ? 1.898,00; AF-Tele-Xenar
180/2.8 HFT PQ NEU  ?4.498,00; AF-Variogon 60-140/4.6 HFT PQS NEU  ?
Also is avalaible the FX: Rolleiflex 2,8 FX mit Planar
2,8/80 mm (17000)  ? 3,495,00.
These prices include internal tax. 
B&H New York publishes the AF-Xenotar 80/2.8 HFT PQS,
but ?out of stock?, it costs U$S 2.000.-
All the best

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