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Re: [Rollei] Search for highest 5 element Planar lens serial number

I'm a bit confused about what is wanted and believe my serial numbers are 
out of the range of interest, but just in case:

I have a 3.5F S/N 2,805,558 with a Planer 3.5 75MM S/N 4,180,813.

I haven't tried to count the elements in that lens but the camera/lens 
seems to fall in the type four sequence defined a few days back by Todd and 
are therefore most likely not in the 5-element category.  In fact, both 
numbers are very close to some already reported.

My initial thought is that the survey should include all cameras and lenses 
from all owners on the list but I see that only a restricted range is of 

Don Williams
La Jolla, CA