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[Rollei] Re: Why the 6-element lens for 3.5Fs

Jay Kumarasamy wrote:

> I have read/heard that Rollei 'rejected'  more number of lenses
> from Zeiss than from SK.   Would that be because
> 1.  SK had very tight tolerance to meet  Rollei requirements  ;).  I foresee
> some flames on this one...
> OR
> 2.   The Rollei expectation from Zeiss was higher than from SK..
> - Jay


that this is an old wives tale without a drop of truth to it... it would
certainly not be the first...

There is this from MJS:

> Linhoff found that they rejected around 5% of Zeiss lenses and 3% of
> Schneider lenses, but that was when Zeiss was swamped with orders and was
> winding up its LF lens operation.

but no reference to Rollei or MF...

Eric Goldstein