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Re: [Rollei] Why the 6-element lens for 3.5Fs

I have read/heard that Rollei 'rejected'  more number of lenses
from Zeiss than from SK.   Would that be because

1.  SK had very tight tolerance to meet  Rollei requirements  ;).  I foresee
      some flames on this one...


2.   The Rollei expectation from Zeiss was higher than from SK..

- - Jay

At 10:25 AM 4/30/2003 -0700, Kotsinadelis, Peter (Peter) wrote:

>It was mentioned in a previous post that F&H went to great lengths to
>ensure the quality of the lenses received from Zeiss.
>F&H tested each lens and allegedly rejected up to 50% that did not meet
>their standards.  Could it have been Zeiss who decided on the added 6th
>element for the 3.5 Planar?  After all it was said this element was
>added to ensure the the lenses met the standards of F&H, so if Zeiss did
>this it may have reduced the number of rejected lenses.  Just a thought.
>BTW, those lenses rejected by F&H, where did they go? Back to Zeiss? Or
>were they sold elsewhere?
>Peter K