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RE: [Rollei] 6-element planar?

I have a 3.5F which I acquired recently.

Body No. 2250455   Lens Planar No. 2753439

Joel Sanderson

P.S.  At last I can contribute after lurking for months!

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todd wrote:

> Still unknown is the serial number of the last 5 element Planar, but it
> appears that it would have been installed in a very early type three 3.5
> F and probably have a serial number around 2,27x,xxx or 2,28x,xxx. The
> latter is pure conjecture though.

Sounds like it's time for another RUG "poll".

Please, everybody having a Rolleiflex with Planar lens: look up the serial
number and report it (and model/type of camera it is on) if it is around
2,27x,xxx, but below 2,753,002.