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RE: [Rollei] TLR Meter

> Here are his instructions for calibrating an "F" meter:
> "Re-adjusting the Exposure Meter
> When the photo cell is completely covered, the indicator needle
> should be in zero position, pointing to the red reference line 3.

Which is the little tick mark to the left and towards the back of the solid
red area at the front of the needle travel.

> If it is off this position, perhaps due to prolonged and heavy
> shaking, the meter can be re-adjusted as follows:
> Loosen both screws on the front of the meter 1, until it can be
> removed from the focusing knob. Turn adjusting screw on back of
> instrument 2 until meter needle points to the red reference mark
> 3. IMPORTANT! Before re-inserting instrument: first set camera to
> DIN / ASA value 12, filter factor 0, shutter speed 1/500th sec.
> and diaphragm f:22, then insert exposure meter and tighten screws."

That is one of the two things that can be "calibrated", and only calibrates
the meter needle.  The match needle also requires a calibration, if it is
off...and that can easily be checked.

There are two things that need "calibration" for the match needle.  One is
the front dials, but only when the front cover is removed and/or it hasn't
been re-installed correctly.  I won't go into that here.  The second is the
ASA dial relative to the match needle.

To checking the alignment of the ASA dial to the match needle (assuming the
front dials are correctly aligned that is), set the camera for ASA 25, F8
and 1/2 second.  The match needle (needle with the circle in it) should be
pointing to a small tick mark that is just towards the front of the needle
being straight out to the left.

The typically the problem I've found with these is this adjustment is off,
and it can be easily adjusted.  There are two screws under the "leather"
center covering of the ASA dial.  Take that cover off, or simply pry it up
so you can get at the two screws, and loosen those two screws a tad, just to
allow turning of the knurled dial, without changing the ASA (which seems to
happen a lot to me, so check that you are keeping the ASA set at 25!) is how
you adjust it, so it matches that tick mark just ahead of straight left.
Then tighten the screws, check it again, and replace the "leather" cover on
the ASA dial if it's OK.