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Re: [Rollei] Rodenstock Imagon on 6008


The Imagon that KEH sells is a complete setup with shutter,
lens hood, cables etc.

I think that Rodenstock in the US could supply some examples
of photos.


Dennis HO Siu-chung wrote:

> Thanks for all the reply.  The M-Componon though not exactly relevant is
> still an interesting topic.  Although not many people can tell the image
> quality and ease of use up to now, certainly many RUGers are interested in
> this.
> Let me share with you guys what's on the 6008 Integral catalogue.  There
> were certainly more details in the early printed 6008 professional
> catalogue which I could not find.
> M39/M40 shutter adapater
> For Schneider 28 mm and 50mm M-Componon f/4 lenses.  The shutter adapter
> has its own 11mm screw extension, and opens up applications in
> photomacrography for the Rolleiflex 6000 system.
> 150mm and 120mm Imagon lenses (standard mount) can be used with the aid of
> a small M39 to M40 adapter ring (also supplied).  The 9mm and 34mm
> extensions tubes are also needed for the 150mm Imagon to achieve
> infinity.  The 9mm extension tube is required for the 120mm Imagon.
> Now Jerry pointed out that the Imagon costs $1700, can Roy tell us what's
> the cost of the shutter adapter unit and the ease of use please.
> I would like to see some links to pictures taken by this Rodenstock Imagon
> lens too.  (Rollei or Hasselblad)
> -Dennis