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Re: [Rollei] Meter switch repair on 2.8 "E"

In a message dated 4/17/2003 10:15:40 AM Eastern Standard Time, crgrbrts   writes:

> Does anyone have an exploded view of the light meter switch/baffle assembly on the nameplate of an "E" model? My baffle's stuck in place permanently and the switch has very limited travel. 
> Also, what do YOU use on those decorative but frustrating screws that hold the nameplate in place. I wrap electrical tape around the jaws of  long-nose pliers, but there's got to be 
> a better way.
> Many thanks,
> Craig Roberts
> Washington, DC

Craig.... Look carefully at the screws from the side.  There is a small hole through each.. you use a strong pin or needle inserted from the side as a "wrench".  

When the meter was added, rollei supplied "needle" with a plastic ball molded on the end for use as a wrench. 

Sorry about the empty posts that preceded this.. my AOL was acting up and sent blanks as soon as I clicked on "reply".

G. King