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[Rollei] Re: Rolleicord model?

TrueBadger   wrote:

> Lens is Schneider Xenar f 3.5
> It says shutter is synchro-compur, but top speed is 1/250.
> Body SN is 13667XX
> Lens SN is 39726XX
> Focus and film wind knobs are both on user's right.
> I'll shoot a test roll tomorrow probably, but everything looks like it works
> perfectly. Glass bright, clean and clear, and no marks.  Shutter sounds good
> at all speeds.
> Any idea what model version this would be?
> G. King


According to Evans it is a 'Cord IV made between '53 and '54. Should have M
and X synch. It also should have a 1/500th top speed which will take a bit
of resistance to overcome when engaging... just make sure the shutter's not
cocked when going for it...

I love my 'Cord III... nice round iris which I think your 'Cord has as well!

Eric Goldstein