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Re: [Rollei] Re: In-focus character, Out-of-focus character (was Re:Daniel'sRolleicord V shot)

Austin Franklin wrote:

> > Different focussing screens can change the appearance of OOF areas too,
> > albeit only in the viewfinder. ;-)
> Q.G.,
> Of course, but to what degree?  I don't believe that the change is
> significant as far as being able to tell how out of focus something is,
> more or less how it's going to be rendered.  At least, I've never had any
> surprises, and I scrutinize "bokeh" in the viewfinder quite a bit.

It (bad viewfinder "bokeh" (they described it as "Appearance of a defocussed
image")) is one of the things Minolta hated in the original Kodak invention,
something they improved in their version they called Acute Matte.
But not completely. OOF areas still look a bit different when using Acute
Matte screens compared to how they look when using "regular", diffusing