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RE: [Rollei] Re: In-focus character, Out-of-focus character (was Re:Daniel'sRolleicord V shot)

Eric Goldstein wrote (edited):

>I knew we would loose the patience of those who are happier discussing
focusing screens than images and that a death spiral would ensue.

That is not a nice thing to say.  We all like images Eric, but whom do
you know that refused to buy a photographer's work because the bokeh was

As to Cooke lenses, they are said to be sharp but also flatter the skin.
This would mean they are designed to reduce spherical and chromatic
aberrations, field curvature, and astigmatism, all of which are items
that would cause a longitudinal displacement of the best image from the
paraxial focal plane.  Most of the Zeiss lens designs mastered this
combination as did some of the better Schneider lenses and as you
indicate Cooke. However, sometimes there is a trade off with these as
you will note in lenses like the Tessar and Xenar v. Planar.  Add to
that that need for various depth computation in the design based on
application such as motion picture lenses v. still photography lenses,
different in design as I am sure you know, and it is not fair to compare

>If I keep this up I will be the unhappy recipient of one of Jerry's
Boeing designations so let me desist while there is still oxygen to
breath... ;-) 

Eric, there is always Airbus. ;-)

>Peter before you conclude that Kingslake "never talked about it," I'd
suggest you track down a few if his graduate students as see if he had
anything to say to them on this subject

I have Kingslake's books and they do not discuss this.

Peter K