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Re: [Rollei] cable release rolleicord

on 4/8/03 3:13 AM, JIM KEW at 26temple  wrote:

> hello from  jim k newbie england
> just purchached rolleicord v from ebay uk seems to work ok
> couple of points you experts may help me with
> (1)the shutter on this camera is fired by squeezing the cocking mechanism
> toward the left, i find this procedure a little awkward
> and feel it could induce some camere movement during exposure any tips?
> (2)i understand there is some form of add on button that screws into a
> threaded portion adjacent to shutter machanism  anyone throw any light on
> this and maybe if they are still available
> (3) would a normal cable release fullfill the same function

My experience with Rolleicords covers several models over almost 5 decades.
Of them all I prefered the V (owned 3 at different times, not now), and
although each came with that little cable release stubby, they worked best
for me without.

At first I thought the screw-in release would be an aid for steady exposure,
but in practice it was a nuisance.  It was quicker and much more elegant to
use the same lever for cocking and exposure instead of switching from lever
to button.  With not much practice it was possible to isolate the shutter
tripping motion to not jerk the camera.  I lost several buttons because
there is no way to tighten them enough so they won't work their way out,
unless you are in a hurry to attach a cable release.

My practice was to hold the camera in my left hand, cock and trip the
shutter with my index finger, focus and advance film with right hand.  It
got to be second nature, and I never quite got used to the Va with the knob
on the wrong (for Rolleicord) side.  For some reason I am not bothered by
this arrangement on the 'flex.
BTW, I think one of the sharpest Rollei lens I ever used was a Xenar on one
of those 'cord Vs. 

Allen Zak