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Re: [Rollei] cable release rolleicord

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From: JIM KEW <26temple  
Sent: 04/08/03 12:13 AM
To: rollei  us
Subject: [Rollei] cable release rolleicord

> hello from  jim k newbie england
just purchached rolleicord v from ebay uk seems to work ok
couple of points you experts may help me with
(1)the shutter on this camera is fired by squeezing the cocking mechanism
toward the left, i find this procedure a little awkward
and feel it could induce some camere movement during exposure any tips?
(2)i understand there is some form of add on button that screws into a
threaded portion adjacent to shutter machanism  anyone throw any light on
this and maybe if they are still available
(3) would a normal cable release fullfill the same function


   This model came with a button release which screws into the cable release socket. 
   I think if you hold the camera in your left hand and use your left index finger to both cock and trip the shutter you will find it both convenient and very steady. The problem is with later Rolleicords where the focusing knob is move to the left side as in Rolleiflexes. The right hand location is better ergonomically. Try this method of holding the camera. If it still feels wrong I am pretty sure there are a few folks on this list who can find you a release button. 

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA