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[Rollei] Which films were used back then? Slightly OT

Hello Rollei Friends,

There are many shots by the likes of Brassai, HCB and Hutton that are taken
at night or evening in the 1930s and 1940s.  It seems not that long ago that
even ASA 400 B&W was considered "fast" film but we "gave up quality" for the
speed.  What film/processing technique did the three above and others most
likely use?  I chose the three examples above because they used hand held
cameras, and not large format on a tripod.  Did they simply push?  It seems
like there is a minimum of grain and shadow detail loss, in fact many are
darn crisp and clear of people and details...

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Nollite illegitimus contarere vos


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