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Re: [Rollei] Screen

Ok, I just compared;
- - the original Rollei screen, plain with a grid,
- - with a Maxwell Hi-Lux screen, plain with a grid.

The difference in focus between the two screens is about 1mm travel on the 
focus nob on a Rolleicord Vb in this case. Of course this is a precise 
focus test using a Rolleiflex Collimator.

> >Re the Maxwell screens: do they slip in and out like the Rolleiclear, or do
> >they require refocusing?  Generally I prefer a plain screen with grid, but
> >would like to retain my RF-equipped Rolleiclear to interchange for
> >appropriate subjects, if possible.
> >
> >Allen Zak
>Unfortunately, the Maxwell screen focuses at a different point. So - no -
>can't interchange them without focus re-adjustment.
>Harry Fleenor

Thank You,

Harry Fleenor


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