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RE: [Rollei] Screen


The focusing is not done on the fresnel part.  This is exactly what Bill
said would confuse people.  The focusing is done on the bottom of the
screen.  In the case of the Rolleiclear, the fresnel is on the bottom
and directly above it (as the screen lies in the camera) is the focusing
The Maxwell has the focusing plane on the bottom at the same point, but
instead of having a light gathering fresnel in front of it, the fresnel
(like the Acute Matte) is above it.
It is as you say, perhaps a misunderstanding. Bill knows Harry for years
and he doesn't buy what Harry allegedly said.  I am sure it was a
misunderstanding. Perhaps the F was already out of focus and needed
adjustment, or Harry wanted to check the focus to ensure perfection.
To me Harry is a perfectionist so I believe the latter.

Peter K

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> Spoke with Bill Maxwell last night and asked him about using his
> in an F or any Rollei with the removable hood where one can install
> screen themselves.  He indicated that the original Rollei screen and
> screens for the Rollei both have the focusing surface on the bottom.
> When wither screen is installed it registers at the same plane for
> focusing so there should be no need to adjust the focus of the camera
> when installing a newer screen.  The only exception is if the camera
> having a problem with focus to begin with. If it is then is should be
> adjusted.  If not, then leave it be.

Hi Peter,

So, OK, I don't mean to be crass...but this leaves me "curious" about
was claimed by Allen Harry Fleenor was claiming...(quoted here for

>>>> I had a Maxwell screen installed by Harry Fleenor (camera was there
>>>> other service, anyway).  He said the focusing lens needed to
>> be adjusted
>>>> because the Rolleiclear and Maxwell focused at different
>> planes and could
>>>> not be directly interchanged.

So, one of two things could have happened.  Allen was mistaken about
Harry claimed, or Harry is wrong.  Somehow I think the later, and I can
guess that Harry doesn't (or didn't) understand how the Maxwell screen
"works", thinking the fresnel on the top means it focuses on the top...