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RE: [Rollei] Screen

Ahhh, vous parlez français mon ami. Oui, je suis familier avec ceci.
Even so, Bill informed me the fresnel is on top.  Could there be a glass
surface atop the fresnel as protection?
I would imagine this is the case.  I will have to check my Maxwell
Screen to see if he does the same.  

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> Sure, but ALL modern screens do this (even the Rollei 6000 series
> screens) so the choice is a darker harder to focus screen or a newer
> brighter one that has the fresnel on top. Just don't rub a sharp
> on the screen and they both work fine. Vulnerable indeed!

Parlez-Vous AcuteMatte?  Not entirely true though...as it has a think
of glass on top of the actual screen ;-)