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RE: [Rollei] Screen

Sure, but ALL modern screens do this (even the Rollei 6000 series
screens) so the choice is a darker harder to focus screen or a newer
brighter one that has the fresnel on top. Just don't rub a sharp object
on the screen and they both work fine. Vulnerable indeed!

Peter K

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Just as Austin and I thought.

Having the Fresnel on top makes the screen more vulnerable.


"Kotsinadelis, Peter (Peter)" wrote:

> RUGers,
> Spoke with Bill Maxwell last night and asked him about using his
> in an F or any Rollei with the removable hood where one can install
> screen themselves.  He indicated that the original Rollei screen and
> screens for the Rollei both have the focusing surface on the bottom.
> When wither screen is installed it registers at the same plane for
> focusing so there should be no need to adjust the focus of the camera
> when installing a newer screen.  The only exception is if the camera
> having a problem with focus to begin with. If it is then is should be
> adjusted.  If not, then leave it be.
> For the more technically inclined, he also mentioned that, one reason
> the Rollei screen is darker is the fresnel is located on the bottom of
> the screen along with the focusing area.  All modern screens,
> his, have the fresnel on the top which aids to providing a brighter
> screen.
> Hope this helps.
> Peter K
> PS      FWIW, of the 235 members of the Rollei list we had 113 respond
> and the average age is 49.