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Re: [Rollei] Rolleiclear screens

All this discussion on screens prompted me to look in my old (and I mean OLD)literature file and see what I could find.

This is from the Honeywell product sheets back when Honeywell was the US distributor.  The date on the sheets is 1968.

Two versions of the rolleiclear were available.  The one with the rangefinder wedge, which was priced at $9.95, and the one with the 5/8" center micro-prism grid. This was more expensive, and listed for $11.95.

Additonally, the literature says that cameras with non-removable focusing hoods required collimating and thus installation by an authorized service center.  This service was priced at $14.95.  The Rolleis with removable hoods were deemed not to need this, and user installation of the screen was approved.

Personally, I've always been perfectly satisfied with the Rolleiclears with the 5/8" central microprism grid, but found the rangefinder wedge one to be essentially useless. The wedge circle is just too small. My Tele-Rollei came with one and I replaced it with the microprism one.  I still have the rangfinder rolleiclear I removed around here someplace.

G. King