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[Rollei] Rollei 2.8D with Problems

Dear Fellow Rollei Users,

I have a 2.8D with a 80mm f2.8 Xenotar lens. The camera is in lovely
condition, but the lens has 'haze' problems.

I sent the camera to a techie but he only works on bodies and couldn't cure
the haze problem but he did loosen the front element so that I could send it
away for repolishing.

Now, I removed the front element and the haze is not on either the front or
rear of the lens, but in the middle. I know precious little about lenses,
but I assume the front element of the Xenotar is a doublet(?). Does anyone
on the list have any idea about what could be causing the haze and whether
it is possible for it to be repolished? Is this likely to cost more than the
camera is worth (I paid $300AUS ($180US) for the camera)?