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RE: [Rollei] Rollei 80/2,8 for portrait ?

Hi G.,

> Well, there were several things about the Hassy I didn't like, But the
> one was the focus.  The thread on the 80mm was just too "slow" to snap the
> point of clear focus the way my Rollei TLR does.

Hum.  I have used Hasselblads for 25 years, and never noticed that to be an
issue.  As I don't know what your criteria was...I can't really say much,
but I've never, in the hundreds of people I've encountered who have used
Hasselblads, heard anyone say that.

> It the ergonomics of the thing that I found annoying.

You were probably holding it incorrectly.  That's not unusual, as probably
%50 of people I see using them, for some reason, just hold them incorrectly.
IMO, it's one of the best arranged cameras there is, and FAR better than the
TLR.  You don't have to swap hands at all.

> I also found the hood design to be clutzy in that it required the
sequential folding
> of the hood leaf by leaf, as opposed to the very simple operation of the
Rollei hood.

Ah, that explains it.  You had a very old camera.  Since the mid 60's I'd
guess, the hood has been of the same basic operation as the Rollei.  This
may also explain your lense issue, as you were probably using a C
lense...which, again, would be mid to late 60's at the latest.

> The dark slide was another annoyance

What was annoying about it?  You can just leave it out if you don't want to
change magazines.

> as was the winding knob when I was used to the crank of the 2.8F.

The Hasselblad has had, even in that era, a crank available.  It has had a
crank standard since the early 70's I'd say.

> Summary answer is that there was not much at all about the way the camera
> handled that I DID like.  That said, the negatives were fine.

Yeah, you used an old clunker, that you didn't give enough time to get used
to, or probably have anyone to show you how to use it, so I understand why
you would feel as you do.  But, be aware that you were using a 40 year old
camera, that has been substantially updated...in fact, I'd say each of your
issues, except the darkslide, is now not an issue.

> Okay, I'm set in my ways, and opinionated as hell, but over the years I've
> to the conclusion that the 2.8F is as near an ideal camera (for me) as
> I am apt to find.

You like swapping hands for every shot?  That is my biggest complaint with
it...  Other than that, the "features" are endearing ;-)