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[Rollei] E, E2 vs E3, F


Superficially, you are right, but Prochnow is correct when he says the
E3 is made from F components. Inside the camera, the E3 is very much
like the F. For example, the whole way that the E3 lens board (the one
under the black painted front plate) is attached to the camera is like
an F. The E and E2 type lens board must be shimmed with metal when
installing, while the E3 and F are adjustable with screws. Even the way
the bayonets are attached is different from E2 to E3, with the E2 being
the same as the E and the E3 being the same as the F. There are many
other instances of this throughout the cameras.


David Seifert wrote:

....I am not sure why Prochnow says that the E3 is made from F
components.  It
> appears to have much more in common with the E2 than the F.  It retains the
> EVS of the E camera and accepts the E's dual range meter.  Under no
> circumstances does it become F-like in having coupled metering, no EVS
> system and filter compensation system.
> Best Regards,
> David