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RE: [Rollei] How rare are E3 Planars?

> I am not sure why Prochnow says that the E3 is made from F
> components.  It
> appears to have much more in common with the E2 than the F.  It
> retains the
> EVS of the E camera and accepts the E's dual range meter.  Under no
> circumstances does it become F-like in having coupled metering, no EVS
> system and filter compensation system.


It becomes obvious if you look at the 3.5 models. The F evolves from the E
but they had to increase the distance between the lenses for the 1st model's
compur shutter. The 3.5E3 shares the same lensdistance hence the frontpanel,
lensboard and body parts are the same as the F and they are different than
the E and E2 models.

The EVS system is located on the frontpanel and adding this is quite simple.

Siu Fai