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Re: [Rollei] How rare are E3 Planars?

>From: David Seifert Was it a 3.5E3 or 2.8E3?  According to Prochnow here 
>are the production numbers on these models:
>         2.8E3   Production dates: 3/62-1/65     Total produced: 2025
>         3.5E3   Production dates: 7/61-1/65     Total produced: 5035
>Both were available with either Planar or Xenotar lenses but no breakdown 
>is given.
>In terms of units produced these are low numbers for a Rolleiflex.  To my 
>knowledge the only regular production model with lower numbers is the 
>elusive 2.8B.  By definition I guess that makes it collectible.  With 
>respect to desirability, I would rate it below the 2.8E2 as an example of 
>the E type.  The E3 was produced as an "economy model" alternative to the F 
>models which were concurrently in production.

Nah, It was more like a model for those who didn't want a camera with a 
built in lightmeter. The E models came also with and without a lightmeter.


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