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Re: [Rollei] Rolleifix mounts how?

At 10:04 PM 06/26/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I've been looking into the Rolleifix (on eBay) and by the photos cannot 
>tell how it locks onto the camera base!
>Does the center round cut-out clamp around the Rolleiflex's round circle
>tripod mount protussion on the base? I hope you can understand my
>confusion, being new to the Rollei system, as to how this item secures
>to the camera (with only photos as reference). I would be looking for a
>Rolleifix to attach to an Automat MX type I (3.5A) are they universal?
>(Forgive me if these questions have been asked before!)
>Thanks again for all the help!
>I'm loving my new (used) Rollei by the way! Andrew
  Rollei changed the design of the tripod boss (my name for it) around
1954. The older ones are smooth around the edges, the later ones have a
groove. It is the groove onto which the Rolleifix clamps. New backs with
the new type boss were available to replace those on earlier Rolleiflex and
Rolleicord cameras. 
  In addition to the clamp the Rolleifix also has pins which fit into the
two locating sockets on the lower front edge of the camera. 
  The Rolleifix is operated by a lever under the rear. Lifting the lever
releases the clamp making attachment or removal virtually instantaneous. 
- ----
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA