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Re: [Rollei] A110 -- more questions


don't worry about the film speed. The A110 reads it from the 
film cartridge and exposes accordingly. Its a marvelous piece 
of engineering - with a too small negative. 

The sliding lens cover may just be a littly sticky. When you 
open the camera back and look inside, you should notice a 
small 'window', about 3x3mm on the left, close to the door 
hinge. Inside you see a small metal tab, which belongs to the 
front lens panel cover. When you carefully bend this tab 
straight (with a small screwdriver) the front panel should 
come off. You can then inspect what is wrong with the sliding 
mechanism. You have to get this working because it also 
reads 'Tessar' on the slide...

Have fun!

> I bought a roll of 110 film and discovered that it is ISO 
>400.  At what film speed was the A110 meter calibrated?  
>Also, can anyone tell me if there is or was a lens cap for 
>the A110?

>George Priest