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[Rollei] THE FINAL WORD on Coating Flaws?

As I noted some days ago, I sent my 2.8E Xenotar off to John Van Stelten for
recoating after noticing front element damage.  As we soon learned, I was
not alone in my observation.  In fact, Douglas Cooper started the discussion
with the story of HIS 2.8E Xenotar coating flaw.

Well, I heard from John today. The good news is that my lens will "clean up
fine". Considering that the damage looked pretty substantial to me, this
should be encouraging to others concerned that the flaws were more than
"skin deep".

I asked John if he received many mid-1950's Xenotars with similar problems.
"Yes," he said, "BUT, no more than other German lenses -- Zeiss and Leitz --
of the same era." In fact, John surmised that he recoats more Leitz 50mm
Summicrons than ANY other lens...including our precious Xenotars and

How 'bout that?

Washington, DC