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Re: [Rollei] Rollei A110


my recommendation: buy the S27PX cell. The A110 uses a Si 
cell and an electronic circuit to calculate exposure. It 
should be the same situation as with the 35 SE where 
a 'voltage regulator' makes up for voltage differences to 
some extent. To find out more I have connected my A110 to a 
regulated voltage supply and played with the voltage. When 
reducing the voltage from 6 volts, the green LED becomes 
dimmer, but even at 4 volts (with the LED almost dark) the 
shutter seemed to work all right. I did not check with a film 
though, but this could now be your part...

Sven Keller 

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>> Hi:
>> I recently acquired a Rollei A110.  Since it uses a PX27 
mercury cell I
>> am facing "the battery problem."  As I see it, there are 
two practical
>> solutions for me:  (1) Buy the Excell S27PX silver oxide 
cell, which
>> provides 6 volts output as compared to the 5.6 volts 
provided by the
>> PX27; or (2) purchase a V27PX adapter from CRIS camera,  
$29.95, which
>> uses four silver oxide 386 batteries, but which apparently 
reduces the
>> output voltage to 5.6 volts.  I read somewhere that the 6 
volt battery
>> can cause a two-stop longer exposure.  I would appreciate 
hearing from
>> anyone who has any thoughts on this matter.  Also, what 
camera functions
>> are affected by the higher voltage:  the meter reading?, 
the shutter
>> speed?, the aperture setting?  Would it have any effect on 
the flash
>> unit?
>> Thanks
>> George Priest
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