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Re: [Rollei] New Toy

At 10:00 AM 06/18/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Since I figured that I deserved it, I bought myself an inexpensive fathers
>day present, and now have a new toy to play with.
>It's a Rolleiflex Original Standard 621 in nice working condition.  Although
>the cosmetic appearance leaves a bit to be desired, the glass is clean and
>unmarked and the shutter is fully functional.  Good mirror too.
>My one Rollei reference, Parker, indicates that the serial number range of
>the 621 should be in the 200,00-567,000 range.  This one, however, is
>119432.  Is it common to find them with numbers that far out of the
>published range?
>The back has two film viewing holes labeled B1 and B2, and also a plugged
>third hole centered just above the bottom of the back.  Would someone be
>kind enough to tell this ignoramus what that third hole is for?  The
>pressure plate is cut away behind that hole, and it appears that something
>was supposed to pass through both the pressure plate and the back.
>It appears to be a lovely day to take it out and see if it actually works.
>I think that I will do that very thing.
  B1 and B2 may indicate two film sizes. The original Rollei used B-1 film,
similar to 120 but half the length. B-2 is the Agfa number for 120 film. 
  I have an Old Standard with a "normal" vewing hole in the bottom for
setting the first exposure. This has a sliding cover on it. It also has a
hole in the center of the back with a hole in the center of the pressure
plate. I believe the very first Rolleis had a film number viewing hole
there. I think this is original on the back but don't know. 
  The camera is one I picked up for something like $30 at some camera show
years ago, along with a hard case. It works but has been worked over many
times. The veiwing shade has been modified to have a peep hole in the back
for the sports finder, the original magnifier and eye mirror (for the
sports finder) are gone. I'd love to find an original top for it but its
not worth spending much on. Both lenses are in good condition and its takes
nice sharp pictures. 
  The focusing mechanism on these old cameras is interesting. It took me a
while to get it set up right but it seems to work fine. I don't think there
is a scrap of chrome left on this thing. 
- ----
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA