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Re: [Rollei] Using 220 film in a regular Rolleiflex!


Excellent!  Now that is thinking "outside the box"!  I see no reason
why it should not work.  The TRIPLE thickness of paper, film and
tape exists at both ends of the film.

If I can make it to the local shop, I will buy a roll of 220 and do it.

My compliments to you SF!


Siu Fai wrote:

> A friend of mine got a bunch of 220 film but he doesn't have a camera with
> 220 option. This started me thinking about it and I came to this solution:
> -Shoot the first 12 exposure like you do normally with 120 film.
> -After the last shot(#12) wind the film all the way to the end.
> -Put the film back at the bottom and start shooting the other 12 in reversed
> order.
> -Wind through the whole film after # 12 and you have made 24 shots on a 220
> film !
> You'll probably want to remove the sticky paper when reversing and you'll
> end up with the text "unexposed" on the backing paper after shooting. But at
> least you'll be able to use 220 film when desired.
> Obviously, this solution will not work if your objective is to get 24 shots
> without any additional efforts. But I guess this is much easier than opening
> the back in a changing bag ;-)
> And I guess the GX, T and 'cord users are out of luck here since they do not
> have the automatic film feeler that make this method perfect : (
> Siu Fai
> PS: I haven't test this method yet since I don't use 220 film, so I cannot
> guarantee it to work. But I have no reason to assume that this will not work
> in practice.