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Re: [Rollei] whiteface

I think the other aspect of the Whiteface is that these are the youngest
Rollei TLRs, as they were produced at the end of the line. In theory,
the lens coatings are the best, and they represent the ultimate
refinement of the design. Of course, you can have a heavily used
whiteface that's in worse condition than an older model. And some prefer
earlier editions for a variety of personal reasons.

Andrew Amundsen wrote:
> >From: Phil Stiles <stiles  >
> > Check out these photos; the white face refers to the faceplate:
> > http://johnsrolleionlypage.homestead.com/WhiteFaceCollection.html
> Wow! That's it?! There's such a small difference I'm surprised it's even
> considered. So the rarity of these makes them more desirable/valuable?
> Personally I like the Art Deco look of the standard face.
> Thanks for the education! Andrew