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Re: [Rollei] Build Quality

My two cents worth - I prefer an MX-EVS type 2, which lets you unlock the 
EVS coupling, and has a larger focus knob and slightly brighter finder than 
the MX or earlier cameras, but still has that undefinable feel to it, that 
the later cameras don't.  I have an early 3.5F that I use often but it's 
just not quite the same quality, and the nadir of all Rolleis in my 
experience was a 2.8C.  As I remember it was rough, sort of like comparing a 
later Kiev to a Contax, and had a lot of plastic in it.  I also enjoy using 
the older Rolleis, if they have good mirrors.  In my experience that's the 
biggest obstacle to using the Automat and earlier cameras - you just can't 
see what you're shooting.  I have an Automat type 2 with a nearly perfect 
mirror, and it's just a joy to use - light, utterly smooth controls, 
everything just as tight as the day it was made.  It's a tradeoff of sorts 
between prewar quality control and later innovations, I suppose.


>From: curtiscr  
>Reply-To: rollei  us
>To: rollei  us
>Subject: Re: [Rollei] Build Quality
>Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 13:22:46 -0700
>On 17 Jun 02, at 14:41, Craig Roberts wrote:
> > However, the 2.8E's Xenotar lens is, in my estimation, a noticeably 
> > performer than the Tessar.
>Maybe.  But if I were getting a good MX at a good price, I wouldn't
>lose much sleep over lens sharpness.  Actually the biggest
>nuisance with my MX, the one thing that really drives me nuts, is
>the hinge system for the back.  Whenever I change film, the back
>almost always falls off.  Those little hinge things that allow the
>removable back always slip into the removal position.  It appears to
>me that this was improved in later models.  I hasten to add that the
>light seal when the camera is closed is perfect.  Whatever
>problems I have when loading do not otherwise affect performance
>in a field situation.
>Curtis Croulet
>Temecula, California

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