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[Rollei] MX back locks on strap hangers


Either your back locks are worn out, the screw that hold the lock is worn
out, or you need to tighten the screws that hold the strap hangers in place.


On 17 Jun 02, at 14:41, Craig Roberts wrote:

> However, the 2.8E's Xenotar lens is, in my estimation, a noticeably better
> performer than the Tessar.  

Maybe.  But if I were getting a good MX at a good price, I wouldn't 
lose much sleep over lens sharpness.  Actually the biggest 
nuisance with my MX, the one thing that really drives me nuts, is 
the hinge system for the back.  Whenever I change film, the back 
almost always falls off.  Those little hinge things that allow the 
removable back always slip into the removal position.  It appears to 
me that this was improved in later models.  I hasten to add that the 
light seal when the camera is closed is perfect.  Whatever 
problems I have when loading do not otherwise affect performance 
in a field situation.
Curtis Croulet
Temecula, California