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Re: [Rollei] Re: 120/220 use?


Believe me Eric, the feeler mechanism is tripped by the TRIPLE
thickness of leader paper, film, and tape. Ten the rollers spring
open and the film is metered by the geared wheel which rides on
the film, and actuates the counter till 12 exposures, then the crank
winds off the rest of the 220 roll.  You can stop at any time after
12, then back the crank and take a few haphazard exposures if
you want to play with 220 film.

Eric, one thing I have learned in my years; listen to expressions
of experience.  Then go off and do your own thing to confirm it.
In the words of Ronny Reagan: "Trust, but verify".

Or in the words of my mentor: "Film is the cheapest thing in
photography, time is the dearest".

Jerry Lehrer

Eric Goldstein wrote:

> "Jerry Lehrer" wrote:
> > The 220 film will work perfectly well in an unmodified MX, for
> > the first 12 exposures.
> Hmm, wonder if this is true Jerry. The feeler mechanisms are quite sensitive
> to even small variations in film thickness and 220 is half the thickness of
> what this camera's typically set up for...
> Eric Goldstein