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[Rollei] Rolleikin exposure-counter-knob installation

Hi Herb,

That loose metal tongue is for later cameras. On these later cameras there
is a groove cut in the body of the camera that accepts the tongue so the
Rolleikin knob sits flat. The function of the tongue is to prevent the
Rolleikin knob from being pulled out when the back is closed, as the back
would press against the tongue and lock the knob. When the back is open, the
back no longer presses the tongue and the Rolleikin knob can be pulled out. 

You can remove the tongue and the Rolleikin knob will function normally.
Undo the three screws around the edge of the knob. Undo the aluminum haft
that covers the inner spindle - it is actually a threaded screw, so just
turn it counterclockwise. Remove the tongue. Put the knob back together. 

This does mean though, that the Rolleikin knob can be pulled out when the
back is closed.


Hello everyone,
I have a Rollei Automat, SN 1403912. According to the instructions a
Rolleikin 2 should be installable. However,
the 35mm exposure-counter-knob has a small and somewhat loose metal tongue on
the flat side of the knob
which goes against the camera body, and it causes the counter to sit crooked.
It looks wrong, and the knob
cannot be pulled out to accept the spindle when it is screwed in like that.
Everything else seems to fit OK, and
your advice abut fitting the exposure-counter-knob would be most welcome.
Thank you very much,