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Re: [Rollei] Infrared filter inside Rollei TLR?

On 10/06/2002 at 11:12 am, ptempel2000   (Philippe Tempel) wrote:

> I stopped by Ken Hansen last week and ordered two
> infrared filters (Bay I and 52mm).  He unfortunately
> didn't have any in stock.  It could take up to a month
> to get them, though. :-(  I was hoping to get started
> earlier (this week) and shoot the first roll of Maco
> 820 in the 'Cord.  So my question is have any of you
> cut down something like a Lee infrared filter and
> taped it between the film rails inside your camera?  I
> read an article about a guy doing just that with a
> 35mm camera.  I might also do this on the Nikon if it
> poses no problems.

The main reason for putting an infrared filter in front of the film rather than in front of the lens is that a visually opaque filter (which the stronger monchrome IR filters are) would be impossible to frame and focus through when using a SLR. With a TLR you can put an opaque filter over the taking lens and it won't affect the viewing lens. If you only have gel or polyester for the filter you can cut it to the right shape and push it into the rear of a UV or similar clear filter and hold it there with a tiny blob or two of something suitable at the edges. This creates a handy IR filter, which has the advantage of being instantly removable and re-attachable. 

Joe B.