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Re: [Rollei] Strap type for Rolleicord Vb?


I'm afraid you are wrong, and may mislead the original questor.

The Vb just uses a thin leather strap with a slotted hole to go
over the post.  One could use a woven nylon strap with a buckle.

The 2.8C or MXV type strap is an overpriced, non-adjustable.
PITA,  even on the cameras for which it was intended.

Jerry Lehrer

Jim Akins wrote:

> Hello Joe, I have 2 VBs and a VA, both have the same strap fixture but no
> straps. I believe they use the same strap as a 2.8C or a MXV EVS Rolleiflex.
> Any way you can go to this URL, click on the Rolleicord page, some good
> images of the strap fixture. Good luck, Jim
> http://johnsrolleionlypage.homestead.com/index_1_1.html
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> From: "Joe B." <joe-b  
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> Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2002 10:47 AM
> Subject: [Rollei] Strap type for Rolleicord Vb?
> > I'm ordering myself a Rolleicord Vb for when I'm feeling minimalist and I
> notice that from the pics I've seen of it, the strap fitting is not the
> scissor type. Can anyone confirm this and describe what the correct strap
> fitting looks like or is called? I'm assuming if it is a post under a slot
> (which is what it looks like to me) then I can just use an off-brand
> neoprene strap around the slot part, but maybe this isn't a good idea- any
> suggestions would be good.
> >
> > Joe B.