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Re: [Rollei] 70mm back for Rollei TLR

The back simply does not use the film sensing mechanism - the 
camera 'thinks' it is running without film. The upper film 
spool in the camera is replaced by a special spool with a 
gear that makes the back transport the film. This special 
spool is not shown in the ebay auction so anybody thinking of 
bidding should first check with the seller whether it is 
still there. 
The length of film to transport is controlled by a stop on 
the side of the back, against which the crank runs. 
The back, by the way, is not for 70 mm film but for standard 
roll film that was also supplied in 10 m rolls.

Prochnow (in his report IV) has the cine mechanics 70mm back 
that was mentioned, but he states that Rollei at the time did 
not approve this development, because the opening in the TLR 
housing is just UNDER 70mm wide and therefore satisfactory 
film flatness could only be achieved with old (shrunk) film.

Sven Keller 

>Well if Todd is nowhere to be found then you can send
>it to your old friend Philippe! :-)  I'm curious as to
>how the back can trick the R'flex into thinking that
>there's more than 12 exposures?  Or do you lose a
>frame to two rolling over from frame 12 to 1?

>--- Jerry Lehrer <jerryleh  >
> Phillipe (& geneJ)
> Yes, there were a few 70 mm backs made.  Somewhere
> in the depths
> of my garage is a better one!  I am looking at the
> brochure for it as
> I type this.  It was made in Hollywood by Cine
> Mechanics Company
> and is more elegant than the one shown on eBay.  It
> is not for sale,
> as it is promised to Todd Belcher.
> I believe that the one shown on eBay was French
> designed and made,
> as hinted by the curvy body.  (But I may be wrong,
> he lied)
> The Cine Mech device required a dual cable release,
> or manual
> actuation of the film stop if I used the body
> release.
> I mounted it on my Rollei 3.5E, but never used it
> 'cause I had no
> way to process the film.
> As I recall, I bought it new in the early '60,s
> Jerry Lehrer
> Philippe Tempel wrote:
> > I didn't know these existed either:
> >
> >
> >
> > BTW, is Kodak HIE still available in 70mm?  From
> what
> > I've seen so far it may have been discontinued
> (like
> > the 4x5 sheets).
> >
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