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Re: [Rollei] A Bit of Bragging


No errors, 'cept that I believe that "vademecum" (manual or
handbook) is one word, though my 1919 English dictionary
says that it can be hyphenated.


Marc James Small wrote:

> Petra Kellers kindly asked me to contribute an article to the Camerabooks
> website.  I finished up a piece I'd been writing on early Novoflex reflex
> housings -- and the webmeister certainly did a fine job in getting it up.
> http://www.camerabooks.com/guest.html
> Now, YOU folks can help me by pointing out the errors which must be lurking
> in my writing ...
> Marc
> msmall    FAX:  +276/343-7315
> Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!