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Re: [Rollei] selftimer, 1/500s setting

> Can the T shutter be safely set at 1/500 after cocking the shutter?
> Or is this a bad idea with all leaf shutters? --Mike

Yes do not worry. The problem of 1/500s not-to-be-set-after-cocking is
related to older Compur Rapid shutters used on early R-TLRs,
definitely not the post-1958 R-T.

On the 'big' Compur 3 view camera shutter there is a safety interlock
preventing the user to attempt a setting on the fastest speed once the
main spring has been re-tensioned. So you can't do any harm to the
mechanism. On this big shutter, an extra force is required for the
fastest speed like in the good ol' Compur Rapid. Select the fastest
speed (I think it is 1/400), then the interlock is disengaged, then
you feel the extra amount of force and travel required to re-tension
in this special case.

- -- 
Emmanuel BIGLER