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Re: [Rollei] R-T, aperture "wheels" (in fact, straps) not moving

> I just acquired three Rollei T's. I do not know their particular model but
> the "aperture reading wheel" does not move in all three. Is it busted? Can
> somebody guide me on how to test it. SNs are 2166027, 2121468 and 2194840.
> Thanks.
> Joel

First, be sure that you understand the coupling of displays/settings
or speeds and apertures properly. Aperture/speeds are coupled by
default. To un-couple you should *pull* on the left-hand lever.

Now if the aperture "wheel" --in fact : it is a pair of flexible
bands, see Prochnow's Rollei Technical report for details and
drawings-- does not move, it might indicate that one or both of the
straps/belts is/are broken.

In order to check whether the diaphragm is actually moving or not, set
the speed to B or a longer "green" time and lock the release button
with the small companion lever. You should see the diaphragm opening
and closing. If the display does not follow, definitely the relevant
band is broken.

- -- 
Emmanuel BIGLER