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Re: [Rollei] Re: Shutters

on 6/3/02 7:40 PM, sbug  wrote:

> What are the differences between Compur, Prontor, Copal, Seiko and etc.
> types of shutters?

It would take a book to go into all the details.  They are similar in that
they use sets of shutter blades and a ring that rotates under spring tension
to drive the blades open and closed.  Gear trains introduce delay between
opening and closing except at the fastest speed.  What is different in them
is the design of the gear trains and drive systems, although all are
generally similar.  The most different ones are the self-cocking "press"
shutters, mostly from Prontor.

An offshoot of the basic design is the Rollei shutter used in SLX and 6000
series lenses.  These use the same sets of blades and drive ring, but move
the ring with electrical power and thus have no springs.  Fascinating
design, and mechanically much simpler than the others.