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Re: [Rollei] Focusing screen options

Jim Hemenway wrote:
> Joe:
> I find the split screen best, got one in each of my Rolleis.  And, it's
> just the ticket when using the 40mm in the 6008.

Maybe the split screen Maxwell is the best of all possible worlds.
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Phil Stiles
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> "Joe B." wrote:
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> > I've just got a 50mm/f4 Distagon for my SL66, and I find that with the microprism spot screen it is hard to very hard to focus in low light.The microprism spot screen has been ok with the 80 and the 150, but with the 50 it really isn't suitable- I find myself see-sawing backwards and forwards trying to decide at what point the image is sharp. I think I need to buy a new screen. Normally I tend to go for screens with the split image wedge in the centre because in really low light it is the only way I am sure I am in focus.  I could try to find a Rollei screen of this type, or I could try a Maxwell screen. I wonder if anyone has any particular recommendations for a screen for low light as well as normal photography to use with this lens, and also to use with the 80 and 150/4?  I'm wondering if there is a Rollei screen that would suit the purpose here well enough.
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> > Joe B.