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Re: [Rollei] OT: 620 film


620 was a kodak version of 120.  It's pretty much exactly the same film size
on a more compact spool.  The center spindle is more slender and the flanges
are slightly smaller in diameter.  You can find 620 spindles in old Kodak
cameras (and other brands too) and transfer 120 film onto them quite easily.
There are a number of places on the web that detail the process.  I have
done this many times.  There are a number of old Kodaks that are worth the
effort.  I have an old 6x9 Kodak monitor that does very nice work.  I also
have a couple of old Kodak Reflex II's that I used to shoot a lot until I
got into Rollei's.

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> Could someone explain what 620 is to me and how it varies from 120 film.
> Sound quite similar.  Is it the same width but different length like 120
> 220 film?
> Thanks
> Jerry