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Re: [Rollei] Original Rolleiflex

Yes, my Original Rolleiflex (3,8 Tessar) is in mint minus condition, and I 
wouldn't dare to modify it. The lid for the red window is missing, so I use 
a piece of black tape to cover it. The small push-in lids was a bad idea, 
and they are missing on around 90% of the cameras.

The Original Rolleiflex doesn't have the interior baffles, but the walls are 
covered with a black velvet-like material that works just as good. I don't 
know why this feature was dropped on the later cameras. Maybe it collected 


>From: Richard Coutant
>I have a few of these that take 620 spools perfectly.  It's hard to say
>exactly what was done to them, since I don't think I have one that won't
>take 620 - but some look like the 'blade' on the takeup axle has been 
>down.  I would make sure your camera won't take 620 spools the way it is
>before doing anything.
>What I most want to say is that it's great to know that these cameras are 
>use today.  Even though they're hard to focus (for my eyes at least) and 
>viewfinder image is funky, even compared to an Automat, there's something
>wonderful and moving about the whole process.  I shot a roll of Agfa color
>print film with one of these a while ago, and really liked the effect. You
>do need to respool the film and unload the camera in the dark - but if
>you've done it once or twice it's not a big deal.
>                                   Have fun.
>                                   Richard
>>From: "J Patric Dahlén" <jenspatricdahlen  >
>>Reply-To: rollei  us
>>To: rollei  us
>>Subject: Re: [Rollei] Original Rolleiflex
>>Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 23:46:20 +0200
>>I forgot to say that the winding knob probably can be modified to accept
>>620-spools by a technician. It might be expensive though.
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