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Re: [Rollei] Original Rolleiflex

>From: "Jerry Waid
>I will be receiving an Original Rolleiflex 6X6 in the next couple of weeks.
>I takes 117 film.
>Can some tell me how to modify this camera to use 120 film. Parker in his 
>book, states that many owner converted these camera to use 120 and 620 

You can't modify the camera to take 120-film. The 117-spool is a sibling to 
the 120 and 620. You can convert a 120-spool to 117 by grinding the flanges 
to match the diameter of the 117.

I have film in my Original Rolleiflex at the moment. I rerolled the film on 
a 620-spool and use a 117 takeup spool.

It's best to unload the camera in the darkroom or in a black sack, since the 
smaller diameter of the spool flanges makes the roll more sensitive to 
light. But however, all of the 120-film fits the 117 spool.

You can modify the camera to take 620 film by making a new winding knob and 
spool holding knob. But then you have to reroll all films anyway.


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