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RE: [Rollei] Rollei P66S Repairs

I had that failure mode on a Rollei 35mm projector and if I'm 
not wrong, the basic layout of all Rollei projectors 
of this age is the same (excluding the Rolleivision). So 
maybe this helps:
The slide transport is triggered by a solenoid that engages a 
clutch. The clutch then stays engaged for one turn, i.e. one 
slide transport. After letting go the transport button on the 
remote control the solenoid is released and the clutch is 
pulled back by a spring. In my case the clutch operation was 
a little stiff and the spring could not pull the clutch back -
 it stayed engaged for another turn and another and another...

Watch out for a solenoid operating when pushing the transport 
button and check what happens when the solenoid is released.

Do not touch any of the funny-coloured cables inside the 
projector when it is working...


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>Datum: Tue, 14 May 2002 14:04:52 +0200
>Von: Siu Fai <siufai    
>Betreff: RE: [Rollei] Rollei P66S Repairs  
>An: rollei  us
>> I have recently been given a P66S projector. The Transport 
>> was faulty, which I've repaired, but when it is plugged in 
>> switched on it constantly runs, slides are constantly 
pushed through
>> the machine. Does anyone know of the potential cause or 
ideas for diy
>> repairs.
>You're sure you're not using the timer on the remote, right?
>There may be a short-circuit somewhere and I can see three 
potential points
>which can cause the problems that may be fixed easily:
>- the green advance knob
>- remote connector or the remote itself
>- the electronic switch that starts the transport
>Sorry, I can't help you with further trouble 
shooting/dissembling since I
>haven't had trouble with mine yet.
>Siu Fai
>BTW: What do you mean by "switching on"? Except for the 
lamp, mine does not
>have an on/off switch.