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RE: [Rollei] Rollei P66S Repairs

> I have recently been given a P66S projector. The Transport mechanism
> was faulty, which I've repaired, but when it is plugged in and
> switched on it constantly runs, slides are constantly pushed through
> the machine. Does anyone know of the potential cause or ideas for diy
> repairs.

You're sure you're not using the timer on the remote, right?

There may be a short-circuit somewhere and I can see three potential points
which can cause the problems that may be fixed easily:
- - the green advance knob
- - remote connector or the remote itself
- - the electronic switch that starts the transport

Sorry, I can't help you with further trouble shooting/dissembling since I
haven't had trouble with mine yet.


Siu Fai

BTW: What do you mean by "switching on"? Except for the lamp, mine does not
have an on/off switch.