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RE: [Rollei] Rolleiflex T Type 3 (?) questions

> Did Rollei stop numbering the body late in the series?

Don't think so. I think when you add a meter on the E, E3 and T series,
you'll automatically loose the serial number. The retrofit T meter I have
seen contains a new Rolleiflex nameplate with the cells built-in. I think
you need to replace the original numbered one with the not numbered cell
containing one and by that you'll loose the serial number. This won't happen
to the E2, Tele and Wide since these serial numbers are located under the
taking lens.

>  Also what is the purpose of the bulb function (green band beyond 1
> second) being numbered 2,4,8,15,30,60? None of the other two Rollei TLRs
> (Automat, 'Cord V) I've owned had this, what is it used for?

The green numbers are aids for the bulb setting. They indicate how many
seconds you need to keep the shutter open for correct exposure. This
features is also included in the F and the Grey Baby.

Siu Fai